Why Grey's Anatomy Just Convinced Me That Cristina Yang Is Coming Back

Cristina Yang Grey's Anatomy

Spoilers below for Grey’s Anatomy, Season 17, Episode 10, “Breathe.”

The latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy, “Breathe,” brought back some more familiar faces from seasons past — some more surprising than others — and I think it’s safe to say we’re thoroughly spoiled by seeing all of our fan favorites on Meredith Grey's COVID beach hallucination. But there’s one face that’s missing from this perfect scenario, and I’ve never been more convinced that we’ll see Cristina Yang grace the halls of Grey-Sloan than after the events of “Breathe.”

Cristina Yang got a lot of love in the previous episode, “In My Life,” which focused on Teddy Altman’s PTSD following Andrew DeLuca's death and a falling out with baby daddy Owen Hunt. In looking at her relationship with Owen, a lot of his past was brought to the forefront, including his relationship with Cristina Yang. Cristina’s name was mentioned five times in that episode (oh yeah — I was counting), which seems like it should invoke some kind of “Beetlejuice” rule — say her name three times and she has to appear.

“Breathe” sealed the deal for me when we were shown an actual text exchange between Owen and Cristina. Cristina Yang in the (virtual) flesh! Her character came through amazingly too, demanding updates on Meredith’s status and telling Owen to send a photo of Meredith’s charts. It would be cruel at this point to have so much Cristina Yang without seeing Sandra Oh’s face gracing the halls of Grey-Sloan.

We've already celebrated the return of McDreamy and George O’Malley, and the latest episode saw Meredith reunited with her sister Lexie Grey and McSteamy himself, Mark Sloan. It was pure joy seeing Mark and Lexie frolicking in the waves together — a long-needed remedy after their last scene together, where they profess their love for each other as Lexie dies in the aftermath of a plane crash.

And we’ve got a Japril reunion to look forward to as well, with Sarah Drew’s April Kepner returning this season, certainly to cause trouble in Jackson Avery's casual situation with Jo Wilson. To not go all the way and stop short of Cristina Yang just wouldn’t work. And with the future of Grey’s Anatomy up in the air, leaving the fans wanting would be a terrible way to end such an enduring series.

It’s hard enough to believe that Cristina wouldn’t have made the trip already to see her friend as she’s fighting for her life. I know travel is complicated with COVID, but Meredith is her person, and Cristina is a superhero. My girl can charter a private plane; in fact, after the aforementioned plane crash, it might be the only way she flies!

If Cristina Yang is making an appearance, it has been kept a surprise so far — a difficult feat to be sure — unlike Lexie Grey’s return, which Grey’s teased in its promo for “Breathe.” Next week’s crossover event with Station 19 promises more surprises and “the moment we’ve all been waiting for,” (again?) when Meredith seemingly regains consciousness. It all starts with Station 19 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC, followed by Grey’s Anatomy at 9 p.m. ET.

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