Wait, Could Chris Evans Actually Appear In The Falcon And The Winter Soldier?

captain america in avengers: endgame

One of the most polarizing elements of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is easily Wyatt Russell's John Walker, with some fans angrily despising his cocksure Captain America, while other fans are having a great time hating him with every breath and movement. Similar to how most people agree that he's the worst, I think we can also all agree that the best way to wipe the taste of John Walker out of our mouths is with a big helping of Chris Evans's Steve Rogers. But could he possibly show up on Falcon and Winter Soldier before the season is done?

It's not entirely clear, but Wyatt Russell himself has sparked a rumor craze thanks to an interview with BBC Radio 1, in which he seems to imply that Chris Evans was on or around the Falcon and Winter Soldier set during filming. And even then, Russell might not have sent the fanbase into hysterics had he not brought up the end of the TV series within the same breath. Here's how he answered when asked he if ever met Evans:

Have I ever met Chris Evans? I think I have. I don’t think I’ve ‘shook his hand’ met him, but I think I’ve walked by him somewhere and made eye contact. That counts as being a stalker, that doesn’t count as meeting anybody. But, I guess it would. You just gotta wait until the end of the series and then everybody will be like, 'Oh, wow.’

What could that mean, people?!? How could there be a scenario where Wyatt Russell can walk by Chris Evans and make eye contact with him, but apparently not get officially introduced to him? One would think that the only two MCU actors to officially take on the Captain America mantle could have found a way to meet up and shoot the shit at some point, but it doesn't sound like any relaxing meet-and-greets went down on the set. Even if it does indeed sound like they were at least in the same vicinity.

Had Wyatt Russell not offered up that last sentence about waiting until the end of the series, it would have been easy to just assume that Chris Evans showed up at a Falcon and Winter Soldier wrap party, and the social distance element didn't allow them a chance to officially "meet," as it were. But Russell DID invoke the TV show with his answer, making it seem like Steve Rogers will somehow directly factor into the impending finale.

How could that happen, though? Is this the proof we were looking for that Steve Rogers is actually on the moon, and not dead in the past like many fans suspected after Avengers: Endgame? Of course, that wouldn't necessarily explain how Wyatt Russell and Chris Evans would be able to lock eyes, especially if Steve is still out of the atmosphere. But seeing the former Captain America again in any capacity within The Falcon and the Winter Soldier would be enough to make fans say "wow."

Amusingly enough, Wyatt Russell actually did audition for the Captain America role for the character's first MCU film, with the role obviously ending up in Chris Evans' hands. It doesn't sound like the two actors crossed paths at that point, either. But Russell does indeed thinking that Evans did a fantastic job in the role, which was on the opposite side of the moral spectrum from the now-murderous John Walker.

Whether or not fans do see Chris Evans at any point in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, I certainly hope Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson and Sebastian Stan's Bucky Barnes are capable of beating the Captain America persona right off of John Walker, so that Sam can potentially take the title going forward into Phase 4. It would be amazing to see Steve offering Sam the shield again, with the latter actually accepting it this time. (But probably don't expect to see him locking lips with Sharon Carter again.)

What does everyone else think about the possibility of Chris Evans making his way back into the MCU via The Falcon and the Winter Soldier? Let us know in the poll below, and don't forget there are only two episodes left to go on Disney+, so keep watching to find out where Cap's story is going next.

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