Why Sharon Carter Has Taken A Turn To The Dark Side, According To The Falcon And The Winter Soldier's Director

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier ended with a number of notable developments for some of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s veteran characters. Sam Wilson finally decided to take on the mantle of Captain America, while Bucky Barnes seemingly found peace and finally shed the Winter Soldier moniker. However, former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Sharon Carter took a darker turn, as she was revealed to be the mysterious Power Broker. The reveal was one that had been theorized, but it’s still a creative decision that some have questioned. Now, director Kari Skogland is shedding some light on Carter’s turn.

Ahead of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Sharon had been on the run following the events of Captain America: Civil War, in which she aided Steve Rogers’ faction of Avengers. She eventually found her way to the criminal sanctuary Madripoor, where she adopted the “hustler” lifestyle and her Power Broker title. CinemaBlend’s Eric Eisenberg had a chance to speak with Kari Skogland and, during their chat, she discussed Sharon’s journey from Captain America: The Winter Soldier up to this point:

Now, she’s been maligned. She’s had to survive, so she’s a survivor. Now, as a survivor, I think the very fact that she ended up in Madripoor, ended up in this kind of hugely powerful place is testimony to how clever she is. And so the fact that she found a guy who could make the Super Soldier serum, and he blew, she didn’t blow it, and the Karli connection and all that. So she had a plan and the plan would’ve worked. It was everyone else who kind of messed it up.

Based on Kari Skogland’s comments, it seems that Sharon Carter’s rough circumstances helped mold her into the person she is in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. This, and her savvy knowledge of the way the criminal underworld works, helped her find her position of power.

The series ended with Sharon being pardoned and welcomed back into the United States with open arms, though she now seems set on selling some of the government secrets she now has access to. Kari Skogland went on to acknowledge the prime position of power Carter now finds herself in:

She’s made lemonade out of a lemon. She’s ready now. As she said, ‘Super Soldiers are off the table, but I got something bigger.’

It’s safe to say that Sharon Carter has now been positioned to be a true power player in the MCU moving forward. With her new mindset and renewed access to government resources, she has the ability to influence things behind the scenes, which is sure to have massive ramifications for many within the cinematic universe. When, how or if her true identity is revealed remains to be seen.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is currently available to stream on Disney+.

Erik Swann
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