After Being Evicted From Home, Andy Dick Arrested For Assault With A Deadly Weapon

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With upcoming projects such as Alien Vampire Busters and Tïtshïnglër, actor and comedian Andy Dick has long been on a unique career path that has been irrefutably affected by his ever-present real-life drama. Dick, who has a history with both substance abuse and violent incidents in public, was apparently evicted from his apartment earlier this month, and was thereafter also asked to leave the hostel he attempted to take shelter at. His recent downward spiral hit a new low over the weekend when Dick was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.

The erratic story behind Andy Dick's arrest on Saturday, June 26, was shared in pieces by musician and entertainer Elisa Jordana on her online chat show Kermit and Friends, on which Dick makes regular appearances. (It's where he revealed claims that his now-former apartment had been burglarized, and that he broke his ankle a few weeks ago.) Jordana not only confirmed that he was in jail, which she learned about from his "fake son" Eric, but also that he was being held on a $50,000 bail, which she claims she is not going to pay. In her eyes, Dick being in jail means he's actually safe and has a warm place to sleep each night.

Elisa Jordana was indeed out and about with Andy Dick earlier on the night when he was arrested, and she had a feeling that things were going to go south. Here's how she described it:

The night that he went to jail, we went out to dinner. We went to this really nice steakhouse, and he invited two or three guys, of course, as usual. He was in rare form that night. It was really bad. He stole cutlery, he stole some wine glasses, he stole plates. He asked for a doggie bag that he could put that all in. . . . And then, he was hitting on this waitress so heavily.

Though Elisa Jordana allegedly attempted to convince Andy Dick to go back and sleep at her house that night, she says he refused her offer and then ran off with three of the guys he brought to the dinner. And apparently at some point later is when things got violent. In her words:

So I just knew that night wasn't gonna end well. He did get into a fight with Lucas. There was a chair involved, a metal chair, and then Lucas was at Cedar Sinai. I saw pictures, I saw videos. It's not good. . . . That's the thing, he could have killed him. I mean, with a metal chair...

Pictures of the victim Lucas' wound were shared in the Kermit and Friends video, showing a pretty gnarly gash on the back of the man's head that matched up with a similar cut on his ear. The seriousness of the wound can't be ascertained just from a single image, but it was apparently enough to convince the police to hit Andy Dick with charges of assault with a deadly weapon. As performative as the comedian can be, this obviously wasn't a WWE match.

Elisa Jordana shared another story about Andy Dick alleging that he'd recently called her to meet him at a restaurant, but while she thought it was a dinner invite, he was actually calling her to pay for the meal that he and friends had just eaten, as none of them had any money. She is hoping for the best for him, however.

Andy Dick's relationship with Elisa Jordana has made some headlines of its own this year, as the two were supposedly engaged to be married, even though Dick is allegedly still legally married to his estranged ex Lena Sved, with whom he shares two children. Dick, who claimed that he is pansexual on Kermit and Friends in May, was also seen kissing another woman soon after his "engagement" to Jordana was made public. Their dubious courtship has sparked a lot of suspicion, and Jordana definitely didn't make anything clearer while telling her story. She initially wondered aloud whether she'd dated anyone in jail before, making it seem like they are together. But then when mentioning that Dick was flirting with the restaurant waitress, she talked about him being gay.

The day before Andy Dick's arrest, interestingly enough, comedian and Joker star Marc Maron's podcast WTF reposted his guest appearance from back in 2011, and it's clear his life hasn't gotten any calmer in the decade since. He last made headlines in 2019, when a video was released of him being knocked unconscious in public by a man who claimed Dick tried groping his genitals, though Dick claimed to be the victim. The year before, he was arrested for sexual battery for groping a woman, and was later accused of groping an Uber driver's genitals, though he pled not guilty to that charge. The aforementioned Lena Sved went so far as to get a restraining order against Dick in 2018, which will remain in effect until 2023.

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