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The Teletubbies Revealed They're Vaccinated Now, And I Could Not Have More Questions And Concerns

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2020 was a rough year, but now that vaccinations are widely available across the United States, many people are finally able to experience some normalcy. This also applies to those abroad, as even the Teletubbies have finally gotten vaccinated and can return to the rolling hills and rabbits blessed by the shining baby sun. That's right, the Teletubbies are apparently vaccinated, and the world had tons of questions about that

The chaos all started the same way a lot of internet drama starts nowadays: with a tweet. The official Teletubbies Twitter account posted photos of Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po all holding pictures of proof that they are officially vaccinated from COVID-19.

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The news the Teletubbies were vaccinated with the "Astratubbica" and "Noo-nson and Noo-nson" was all well and good, but the internet had bigger questions. To start, the cards stated that all the Teletubbies were born on the same day, and apparently are all 18 years old. That caught the eye of quite a few adults, for reasons that any kids reading are too young to know about.

The Teletubbies are legal adults? y'all know what this means.

People indeed knew what that meant, but there were bigger issues to be addressed. One user pointed out the fact that there's some wonky math happening here, and that there's no way the Teletubbies are only 18-years-old. After all, Teletubbies premiered back in 1997, so they would actually be way older than that, right? Some wrote it off as a simple error, while others had thoughts far darker.

The Teletubbies were not born in 2003. Where are the real teletubbies. Where are they. Let them speak.

It really is a riveting thought. Did the original Teletubbies die off in some unspoken disaster and were replaced by clones? Maybe it's just that they're self-conscious about their age and don't want to be forced into parent roles too soon when they still think they have a youthful charm. We could go back and forth all day about the age controversy, but there's an even bigger one we've yet to discuss. The Teletubbies have been signed off on both vaccination doses, despite the fact that the date they "got" their second dose hasn't happened yet. Some tried to say it was normal, but others weren't having it.

They don't record the second dose on the card in case you need to reschedule, though. Plus, this is fully signed-off as administered.

There are just so many more questions we could ask, such as how creatures in a seemingly remote area obtained the means for their own vaccines, or how they got the news about the pandemic. I guess they have televisions on their stomachs, but usually, it's just kids doing banal things. Perhaps the kids not doing things was the first sign something was off? Perhaps it's best to just let this one go, and congratulate the Teletubbies on their upcoming Tubby hot summer.

The Teletubbies aren't doing anything special on American television this summer, but CinemaBlend will keep an eye out in case that changes. In the meantime, be sure to find your next summer series by utilizing our handy summer premiere guide.

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