Something Tells Me Yellowstone's Kevin Costner Is Far Beyond Ready For Season 4's Premiere

kevin costner's john dutton on yellowstone season 3

For the entire first half of 2021, Yellowstone viewers were in desperate need of Season 4 knowledge, but beyond the general info that most of the filming was already completed by the end of 2020 (save for some scenes), fans were largely out of luck. Thankfully, even though the drama isn't getting its usual summer premiere, Paramount Network confirmed Kevin Costner's John Dutton and his rabble-rousing family will return to rear their vengeful heads this fall. And I dare say that Costner is about as eager as anyone for Yellowstone to finally return, even if he's not quite as excitable.

For instance, when Yellowstone shared the huge Season 4 teaser and fall premiere news on Instagram, Kevin Costner was there to share in the celebration, albeit without a million exclamation marks. Although can anyone truly picture Costner regularly using exclamation marks and emoji trains? In any case:

Kevin Costner's comment could be read two ways, also. Not only is the actor seem to generally be ready for Season 4 to debut, but he's likely also responding to the post's caption that "revenge is coming." Considering how big a part of Costner's life John Dutton is now, I can imagine he is very eager for his quietly hardcore patriarch to bring nine circles of hell to everyone involved with the attacks that closed out the Season 3 finale.

Much as I've enjoyed watching Josh Holloway's turn as Market Equities' dapper henchman Roarke, he and his cronies deserve to get dragged behind a horse from one end of the ranch to the other, stopping every so often so Cole Hauser's Rip and Kelly Reilly's Beth can practice soccer with their heads. Even if Market Equities' goons aren't responsible, it's not like they're heroes, and I expect Jacki Weaver's impending arrival as the company's CEO to darken their presence even more.

Now let's take a look at how Kevin Costner reacted when Yellowstone shared its ominous crow-centric teaser a few days later:

Guys, maybe it's just me here, but I think KEVIN COSTNER IS READY! Though this one didn't seem to have any potential double-meaning, it doesn't really have to. In fact, I wouldn't be altogether shocked or dismayed if Costner put his "I'm ready" comment on every single social media post that Yellowstone releases ahead of Season 4's release. Just in case anyone doubted the first 40 times he says it, surely that 41st time will seal the deal.

Kevin Costner is pumped about the future for reasons other than John Dutton going all mad dog on his enemies, too. Now that public events are slowly becoming normalized again, the actor revealed he and his band Kevin Costner & Modern West are going out on tour to promote and perform the series-inspired album Tales from Yellowstone, which was released a little over a year ago. It'll be the first time they play the Dutton-esque tunes for live audiences, and I wouldn't be surprised if the tour wraps up just in time for Costner to handle a promotional run ahead of Season 4's debut. I mean, I'll silently wish that the new episodes will arrive before then, but I won't stake my life on it.

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And speaking of music, rapper Nelly also commented on one of Yellowstone's posts, proving himself to be super-excited about new episodes coming back to our lives.

Yellowstone Season 4 will mosey on down to Paramount Network at some point this fall, and while you're taking a break from writing fan fiction involving Nelly becoming one of the Duttons, be sure to keep an eye on all the 2021 Summer TV shows that are also worthy of attention.

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