Doctor Who's Peter Capaldi Isn't Voicing Twelve In New Audio Series, Which Isn't A Surprise Given His Recent Comments

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If you're hoping to hear Peter Capaldi's voice in an upcoming audio adventure, you may be disappointed. Big Finish has brought in veteran voice actor Jacob Dudman to portray the Twelfth Doctor for an upcoming audio adventure, which may not be surprising given the actor's recent comments about appearing in those types of projects.

Peter Capaldi will not voice the Twelfth Doctor in the Big Finish Doctor Who audio drama Timejacked, and instead, Jacob Dudman will step in and voice the character. Dudman has appeared in notable shows such as The A-List, The Stranger, and Fate: The Winx Saga. Dudman has also previously stood in for Peter Capaldi, David Tennant, and Matt Smith's Doctors in past audio adventures, so no doubt he'll do a solid job filling in this time around as well.

As for whether or not Peter Capaldi will ever do an audio drama for Doctor Who in the future, that's up to interpretation. Peter Capaldi recently had a lot of things to say about recording audio dramas days ago on The Chris Moyles Show. Capaldi remarked during the interview that he would like to be a DJ, and when asked about whether or not he's ever done radio, the actor talked about his experience making radio plays.

[I've done] radio plays, but I find them quite dreary. I think they're very good to listen to but they're always in the basement of The BBC with like pipes and stuff like that. There's no windows and everyone's saying 'Darling, it's the most visual of mediums,' they say because the audience has to conjure it all up. But it's absolutely a glamor free zone.

While Peter Capaldi still gave a thumbs up to the quality of radio plays, he's not a big fan of the atmosphere while recording them. I guess it should come as no surprise then that Jacob Dudman has filled in for the actor in previous installments of Doctor Who - The Doctor Chronicles: The Twelfth Doctor, and will continue to do so with Timejacked.

Strangely enough, Peter Capaldi also recently went on the record and said he wouldn't be interested in returning to Doctor Who in general for stories featuring more than one version of his character. Past actors like David Tennant have been able to return to the series to have crossover adventures with multiple Doctors, but Capaldi made it clear on Sunday With Steven Rainey that's not the kind of thing he'd like to do.

There are so many Doctors now. I'm quite happy with what I did, you know. I loved my time on Doctor Who, but I think the more of the multi-Doctor stories you have the less effective they are, really.

For the record, Peter Capaldi isn't just going on random programs and disparaging his affiliation with Doctor Who. The actor is doing press in promotion of his role in The Suicide Squad, and as is the case for more Doctor Who actors, will inevitably get asked questions about the show. Perhaps Capaldi's comments are his way of squashing questions that may still come in more interviews, or he just wants to make it known we shouldn't expect him to do much more work with the franchise.

Doctor Who Season 13 is set to arrive in 2021, and then the search will be on for the new Doctor and showrunner. There have been many candidates floated for The Doctor, so check out who has been mentioned here, and maybe get a heads up on who will be the next Time Lord.

Update: A previous version of this article called Jacob Dudman's voicing the Twelfth Doctor a "recasting;" however he had voiced the character in the past, and the article has been updated to reflect that.

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