Who Is The Masked Singer's Bull? Here Are Our Best Guesses

Spoilers ahead for the first two episodes of The Masked Singer Season 6.

Season 6 of The Masked Singer is off to a great start, and there are already some strong competitors in Group A that have shown they have what it takes to be the next winner of Fox's strange competition. None so far have shown they're the most deserving of the win more than The Bull, though, who has crushed it in all of his performances so far.

The Bull definitely appears to be a performer and someone with some professional musical training. That doesn't rule out a whole lot of people when talking about celebrities who might appear on this show (we've already seen NBA star Dwight Howard as Octopus, actress Vivica A. Fox as Mother Nature, and singer Toni Braxton as Puffer Fish), but we've narrowed down this mystery contestant's identity to a few options. We also have our best guess at who The Masked Singer's Bull really is, but before we commit to that, let's get into the top options.

Brian Litrell in an interview

Brian Littrell

Nick Carter did The Masked Singer, so is it so crazy to think another member of the Backstreet Boys could also do the show? Brian Littrell certainly has a great voice and played baseball throughout his youth. That would mesh with the Cooperstown (home to the baseball hall of fame) reference we saw in the clue package, so I think he's a real candidate for Bull.

Sisqo on Wild N Out


Sisqó isn't nearly as famous now as he was when his single "The Thong Song" hit the radio back in 1999, but it's definitely not crazy to think folks would be excited to see him compete on The Masked Singer. He's still singing these days, and while I'm not sure "Drops of Jupiter" by Train is in his performance rotation, it definitely should be if he's The Bull. Sisqó was a name the panelists threw out after Bull's first performance. In past seasons I wouldn't agree with their opinions, but they've gotten much better at guessing celebrities lately.

Todrick Hall in a kitty litter commercial

Todrick Hall

American Idol alumnus, YouTube sensation, and socialite Todrick Hall wears a lot of hats, and maybe even a Bull mask. Todrick Hall is someone who is born for the stage, and he's proven that several times over in his career. The Bull commented that he's been told no and faced rejection in his life, which could be a reference to Hall's elimination on American Idol.

Who We Think The Bull Is

The style, flair, and shoutout to Britney Spears are dead giveaways that this is Todrick Hall. What really locked in this choice for me was the mention of the Disney concert hall, as Hall has co-composed songs for Disneyland events in the past. Plus, his voice can be heard on a television commercial that's been on heavy rotation in primetime, and I feel like I'm seeing some of the same dance moves in Bull's performances. I'm not 100% sure on this pick, especially because I can't connect the dots on all the clues that have been mentioned, but the dancing and voice really sell this as Todrick Hall to me.

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