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30 Rock Books Tom Hanks For Future Episode

To paraphrase Yakov Smirnoff, with shitty sitcom, you must actively find celebrity guest star; on 30 Rock celebrity guest stars finds you. It's one of the perks of putting together a great show. Most programs have to wine, dine and court famous faces for a walk on, but everyone wants to be on 30 Rock. Not only is it the best comedy on television, it has a long history of letting its guest stars play ridiculous and fun roles. Examples: Steve Buscemi as the strange, bike-riding private detective, Will Arnett as the pretend heterosexual son in law of NBC President Don Geiss and Jon Hamm as Liz's idiot former boyfriend who accidentally cuts off his hands twice.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, 30 Rock is set to add perhaps the biggest star of them all to that long list of hilarious celebrity walk-ons. Later this season, Tom Hanks will appear in an episode playing a yet undetermined character. Let the speculation begin. Over the past five seasons, the show has used its random help both in roles parodying themselves and as bizarre fictional characters. Jerry Seinfeld famously portrayed himself in an episode where Jack attempted to CGI his likeness into a number of other NBC programs, while Matt Damon showed up as a pilot and love interest for Liz.

I've very excited about this development. You should be too. Hanks may be better known for his dramatic roles, but he started out in comedy and still possesses one of the sharpest wits in Hollywood. His timing is impeccable, and I'm sure whatever 30 Rock throws at him, he'll nail.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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