Arrow is one of the best scripted series on TV right now. The Flash has the potential to be. The obvious reason to do a double-episode crossover event between Arrow and The Flash is the stunt appeal, and likely an effort to broaden both audiences a bit. But from a series perspective, both Arrow and The Flash made the best possible use of this event, both in the way the two series contrast, and in evaluating the strengths and difference between their heroes.

Here are the four best things we got out of these crossover episodes...

Two great, very different heroes working with (and against) one another.
We've known since The Flash began that this is not merely a clone of Arrow set in an adjacent city, focusing on a new hero. But The Flash's "Flash vs. Arrow" and Arrow's "The Brave and the Bold" did a wonderful job of emphasizing the differences between the two series, and also the two heroes. "Flash vs. Arrow" revealed that even the good-natured Barry Allen has a darker side. Sure, his Flash-rage was meta-human induced, but it's fair to say that the truth tends to come out when we're really worked up, and Barry was most definitely worked up. Whether he was lashing out at Caitlin, telling Iris off or stepping up to Oliver, the rage brought out Barry's ugly side, proving that he actually has one, and reminding us that when he's got it together, Barry Allen is a total nice-guy.

Oliver, on the other hand, has the reverse issue. Well, he's not suffering from red-eyed rage, but he is concerned that his humanity is slipping. He's played this game long enough to struggle with his identity. Can he be both Oliver and the Arrow? That's an open question that's constantly addressed in this series, but Barry's contribution to that dilemma at this particular stage of Oliver's life is to point out that it's Oliver's humanity that may be to credit for the hero he's become. Every time Oliver chooses to put an arrow through someone's hand or shoulder instead of their heart, he's channeling that humanity. Barry's view of things is a bit underdeveloped at this point, but that perspective was perfectly timed for what Oliver's been dealing with.

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