3. The Battle of the Blackwater
We all knew wildfire was a dangerous bit of chemistry when it was first alluded to on the show, but unless fans had read the books, it’s doubtful anyone was prepared for the visual feast that was this season’s penultimate episode “Blackwater.” Filled with pithy dialogue and moments that were truly gut-wrenching, “Blackwater” has been one of the greatest episodes of the series thus far.

It helps that A Song of Ice and Fire writer George R. R. Martin signed on to write the episode, which means “Blackwater” featured all of the author’s intent. It also helps that HBO increased the series budget by 15% in Season 2 so that the Battle of the Blackwater could be accomplished with pizzaz. A little extra flair—or wildfire as it were—can go a long way, and “Blackwater” is an episode worth perusing again and again, and especially on glorious HD.

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