Emily Thorne - Revenge
On the surface, Revenge’s Emily Thorne is a prime example of a sweet and charitable wealthy individual, with enough diplomacy to seem at ease and collected, as well as a prize catch for any young man. Actress Emily VanCamp’s character is exactly what fans should expect a well-bred Hamptons frequenter to be. She has love interests and charities, she dresses well and makes comments that both the men and women in high society can appreciate. She’s beautiful, but more importantly, she’s graceful. However, beautiful and graceful doesn’t exactly make for interesting television.

To spice things up a bit, the sweet and subtle “Emily” is not exactly who she seems. She’s really named Amanda Clarke, a young woman raging on the inside about her father’s mistreatment by people manipulating the law and his ultimate death at the hands of his enemies. As the namesake implies, she’s out to get revenge, and she’ll stop at nothing, not even blackmail or murder setups, to bring about her own sort of high-end vigilante justice. When viewers often see multiple personalities pop up on television, there’s frequently a clear line dictating the two personalities, but Emily is all the more risky, because she is always flirting with danger and teetering on the brink of losing control. It’s her bouts with toeing the line that makes Revenge equal parts gripping and equal parts climactic.

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