Inspired by tonight's premiere of NBC's new drama Do No Harm, we came up with our list of characters with a hidden dark side. These aren't merely characters leading secret lives, or suffering from some uncontrollable Jekyll & Hyde complex. These are characters who present themselves with one personality to the public, often including their seemingly closest friends, but are secretly harboring a dark and dangerous side that comes out in other circumstances and adds a layer or two of complexity to who they really are.

Here's our list of our five favorite recent TV characters with a dark side.

Ben Zajac - Boss
In a way, every politician that has ever run for public office has a split personality. Whether peddling outright lies, making complicated issues sound simple or fudging the truth in order to turn polarizing ideas into mantras many can get behind, those who need the public’s support are never completely forthright. The better among them are always on, cleverly calculating how even the slightest mannerisms will be interpreted by the public. Some of that is the game of politics that has to be played, but when taken to the extreme, it can border on alarming. Just ask Boss’ Ben Zajac. The man Tom Kane chooses to run for Illinois governor is a womanizing, backstabbing borderline sociopath in private, but in public, he’s exactly what the fine voters of Illinois need to move away from the old corruption and into the peaceful light.

Not only does he cheat on his wife, he gets off on doing it when she’s merely feet away. He’s the type of guy that will try and get in a quickie during the minute and a half it takes his spouse to walk to the bathroom, and unfortunately for Boss’ main character Tom Kane, he’s also the type of guy who will exploit any angle to push himself ahead. He’s unrelentingly selfish, but with a careful smile and a stream of comforting words he has an endless supply of, he’s able to hide his true personality and present a layerless face to the general public and even to some of his co-workers. He’s a shitbag, but viewed from the right angle, he’s extremely electable.

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