The annals of television science fiction history is riddled with famous spaceships. Whether we are talking about the various ships that exhibited the name U.S.S. Enterprise in the Star Trek franchise or the saucer-shaped Jupiter 2 from Lost in Space, the trusty ships which have served as the modes by which our futuristic heroes have traveled the cosmos are indelible.

Instead of simply listing all of the famous ships that we could think of, in the spirit of a different approach, we’re going to take the time to celebrate the TV spaceships in which we’d like to live in, enjoying a mellow drift into the vast phalanx of the unknown. Indeed, the universe is vast and dangerous and to accommodate our slothful requirements, we’ve put together a list of 5 very aesthetically different candidates in our search for the most excellent of transports. So, on that note, let’s take a look at 5 TV spaceships, ranked by which we'd like to live in most.

The Satellite of Love
5. The Satellite of Love - Mystery Science Theater 3000
The irony of this pick is that the palindromically-phallic vessel of Mystery Science Theater 3000--named after a Lou Reed song--is that it isn’t so much a “spaceship” as it is a thing that was shot into space, meant to stay there permanently. Also, its two historically notable human occupants, Joel Robinson (Joel Hodgson) and later Mike Nelson (Mike Nelson) were exiled there against their will. So, why would anyone want to live there? Well, besides having its own movie theater and the presence of wisecracking robot friends, it contains what may be the most powerful device known in science fiction history: the suspension of disbelief.

Yes, just as the show’s theme song implies, you need not worry about how the ship’s sole human occupant “eats and breathes and other science facts” because the show’s sheer power to ignore reality is so immense that it’s rendered The Satellite of Love as a vessel of unlimited life support, power and provisions; that’s something none of the other of the fancier ships with their “deflector shields,” “transporters” and “warp drives” can truthfully say.

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