With actor Zachary Quinto recently revealing that Star Trek 3 could begin filming in the next six months, and screenwriter (and presumed director…) Roberto Orci reporting that the first draft of the script is done, it’s time to do what the Internet does best. Wait, don’t start surfing for porn. It’s time to do what the Internet does second best – speculate on things we have no way of possibly knowing!

Orci and co-screenwriters Patrick McKay and John D. Payne seem unlikely to spill the beans about what the story of the rebooted franchise’s third entry will be (all we know so far is that Orci says this film will bring the characters ever closer to their original television counterparts and will take place in deep space with a focus on exploration), but that hasn’t stopped me from looking back through all 79 episodes of the original Star Trek to find stories that would be a fantastic inspiration for a new film. Naturally, not all of those old installments lend themselves to being part of a feature film (sorry, episodes where alien societies are built on ancient Greek/Roman/American cultures!), but I’ve found a solid five that have either plots or thematic ideas that could work really well in a third film. With that in mind, let’s get to it.

Star Trek Arena
Let’s just get this one out of the way right up front. I have little reason to believe that we’ll ever see a big screen version of season one episode "Arena," primarily because it’s a Kirk story and the Star Trek films are ensemble affairs. I love the Gorn, though – and dream of the day they’re featured in one of these movies.

"Arena" is arguably one of the most instantly recognizable of all Star Trek episodes, thanks in no small part to the silly lizard costume an actor is forced to wear as a captain of a Gorn ship. When said captain orders the destruction of a Federation colony, Kirk sets out for revenge. He’s about to get it when an alien race known as the Metrons intervene and demand Kirk face the Gorn captain in close quarters combat. An epic battle ensues, with Kirk eventually using his ingenuity to get the upper hand and emerge victorious, but not before he learns the Gorn captain had legitimate reasons for acting the way he did.

What Star Trek 3 could use: Obviously, the Gorn. These fan favorites have only appeared twice in all the years of Star Trek – here, and on an episode of Enterprise. Many Trekkies would freak out if they turned up in the new film. It’s time for a Gorn renaissance. Also, the idea that The Federation isn’t always right has potential.

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