Spoilers for The Walking Dead are below.

So, we all know that The Walking Dead is one of the grossest shows on television, and the show’s corpse-filled setting is a testament to why Smell-o-Vision should never have really been a viable concept to anyone. Tonight’s episode, “The Same Boat,” delivered another outstanding combination of special effects and shocks for a selection of kills that totally outshined last week’s silent-but-deadly ambush on The Saviors. Here are all of those gut-punching moments, in order of how crazy they were.

 the walking dead
The Headshot
Tonight’s episode brought up an interesting issue (repeatedly) when The Saviors accused Carol and/or Maggie of being the “bad guys” for taking out so many of their people seemingly unprovoked. Jeananne Goossen, she of The Night Shift fame, played one of those accusatory Saviors, and came complete with her own sad story about her past. She also had an injury suffered in part because she follows Negan, which was a nice bit of foreshadowing. But she won’t be telling stories any longer, as her attack on Maggie didn’t go so well, and Carol showed up in the nick of time to put a bullet in her head. I mean seriously, she tried to cut Maggie’s pregnant stomach! That’s a move only a villain makes, no matter how you look at it.

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