Doctor Who is a series that has spanned generations, sparked excitement all around the world, and inspired fandom like nothing else. But now the groundbreaking television series that leaps through time and space is leaping into a new medium with Titan Books' Doctor Who comics.

I had the good fortune to preview the first issues of this exciting new string of comics, which features a line for both the tenth Doctor (played by David Tennant) and the eleventh (played by Matt Smith). Below, I outline the six reasons why these comics are a must for any Doctor Who devotee.

Great Appetizer For Season 8
If summer seems a cruel stretch counting down to the next much-anticipated season of Doctor Who, these books offer a blessed relief in the form of new adventures.

The tenth Doctor's story picks up just after he's left Donna Noble behind to her family, her memory of all her derring-do and heroics forever erased. (This is in no way pertinent to the comic, but I'm still very irritated with that particular plotline resolution.) Now, Tennant's doctor finds a new quest--and possibly a new companion--when he lands in New York City, where a Mexican-American family is plagued by a strange malevolent presence as The Day of The Dead approaches.

The eleventh Doctor's book is set in the time right after he's left Amy and Rory to enjoy their newlywed status, once they finally tied the knot. From there, he crashes into the life of a British woman whose had nothing but bad luck in the wake of her mother's death. Who better than Matt Smith's Doctor to appear and perk up her life with a spot of intergalactic adventure. Adventure is cool!

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