Doctor Who Season 8 Scripts Leak Online

Scripts for Peter Capaldi’s brand new Doctor Who season have leaked online. The BBC officially announced the news on Monday, noting that five scripts from the upcoming Season 8 have officially reached the masses on the Internet. So, if you’ve seen any spoilers for the upcoming Season 8 online, it’s likely that you know what’s coming. Now, the BBC is imploring fans of Doctor Who who have seen the secrets to keep them quiet until the episodes in question air.

Doctor Who is expected to hit the schedule on August 23. The BBC was gearing up for the Latin American premiere of Season 8, and according to the Radio Times, the scripts had been sent to Miami, Fl where the Latin American headquarters of the BBC are housed. The scripts were sent to that location to be translated, but somehow they got into the wrong hands and were leaked online. Bleeding Cool is noting that the five scripts that were leaked are for the episodes “Deep Breath” by Steven Moffat, “Into the Dalek” by Phil Ford, “Robots of Sherwood” by Mark Gatiss, “Listen” by Steven Moffat and “Time Heist” by Steve Thompson.

If you want to be spoiled ahead of time, you can still find the scripts online. However, seeing a script isn’t quite the same as actually seeing a finished TV product, and August 23 is right around the corner. With all of that in mind, it might simply be better to wait for the new episodes to air, and see how Peter Capaldi holds up as the 12th Time Lord. At least that’s what the BBC is hoping. In a statement, the network thanked fans for their commitment to the series and asked them to keep the facts about the upcoming episodes to themselves.

“We would like to make a plea to anyone who might have any of this material and spoilers associated with it not to share it with a wider audience so that everyone can enjoy the show as it should be seen when it launches. We know only too well that Doctor Who fans are the best in the world and we thank them for their help with this and their continued loyalty."

In addition, the BBC says it is looking into the security issue to make certain that leaks such as this one do not happen in the future.

“BBC Worldwide is currently investigating a security issue around Doctor Who Series 8 where unfinished material has inadvertently been made public,” the statement begins. “We deeply regret this and apologise to all the show’s fans, the BBC and the cast and crew who have worked tirelessly making the series.”

If you want to check out some non-spoilery new facts about Season 8, the network has already released teasers and trailers for the brand new episodes, as well as a full look at Peter Capaldi’s costume. In the United States, Doctor Who will premiere on BBC America on August 23 at 8 p.m. ET.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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