Humans seem to have an innate need to argue, even if it’s with someone about something that you both agree on, and TV fandom can be a strange rabbit hole for that kind of fan-based battling to surface from. So why not turn our attention on one of the most outrageous shows on TV: American Horror Story.

Fans of American Horror Story will no doubt be familiar with the 7 arguments listed here, unless everyone else has completely like-minded friends and never spends any time haunting internet comment sections. Kudos to you, but for the rest of us, these are the discussions that this show has created over the years.

american horror story
What’s the Best Season of American Horror Story?
We might as well start off with the kind of argument that a lot of shows have, but without the same context as this anthology series. Though each season shares characteristics of those past, the stories are largely original and cover different spectra of the horror genre. If you're a fan of paranormal haunted house stories, then Murder House or Hotel is your thing. If you like your stories with more of a "religion vs. science" flair, then Asylum is the one for you. If your tastes run more into witches and other voodoo hullabaloo, Coven. If you like physical deformities and sadistic killers, Freak Show. There's a dose of something for every fiend here, and I was personally won over by Lily Rabe and James Cromwell's madness in Asylum. Not that you asked, but there it is.

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