It won’t be long until we’re watching Lady Gaga sucking blood and taking guests’ names in American Horror Story: Hotel. But while we’re filing our nails with magnetic key cards and anticipating the most disturbing scene in the show’s soon-to-be five-year history, we thought we’d take a look back at everything that made the past four seasons so disturbing in the first place. I mean, beyond Dylan McDermott’s soulless performances.

Here are the 10 creepiest characters that Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have unleashed upon audiences. Thankfully, the nature of this show means that this list is populated with supernatural creatures, all-too-human monsters, and some generally demented beings. Turn out the lights, pull down the skin-made shades and read on.

 american horror story
10. Madame LaLaurie – Coven
Right off the bat, we’ve got a character who deals in creepiness on two levels. First, she’s a racist murderer of slaves who thinks that blood helps her keep her youth, and she was based on an actual person who hid her evil deeds from her socialite friends in the 1830s. On a less realistic front, she’sa temporary immortal (racist) and eventually brings her backwards thinking ways to the modern day. And at one point she exists solely as a decapitated head.

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