With each new year comes a new set of TV shows to love or loathe. Between cable, network television and Netflix, which falls into its own budding small screen category, 2013 offered us some spectacular TV entertainment. Our favorite new TV shows of 2013 includes robots, clones, informants, politicians and more.

Here they are in no particular order!

Almost Human
Fox has developed a knack for merging procedural-type shows with a more serialized format, which offer a satisfying conclusion to each episode but also involves larger story arcs that allow us to get more invested with the characters each week. We’ve seen it with shows like House and Bones, and we’re seeing it again with Sleepy Hollow and Almost Human. The latter series edged out the former as my pick for best new TV show of 2013, but not by much. Both dramas feature interesting partnerships -- both of which, incidentally, occasionally offer great car ride banter -- but J.H. Wyman’s Almost Human takes the prize for me, due in part to my adoration of Michael Ealy’s humanoid robot character Dorian, and the budding bromance between him and his human cop partner John Kennex (Karl Urban). I also appreciate how well the futuristic backdrop is used, not only with the robot cops that are patrolling the streets, but also within the nature of the crimes committed and how they’re solved.

We’ve seen plenty of police procedurals before, but Almost Human is a perfect example of the evolution of the format, which demands a little something extra to keep viewers’ interests piqued and imaginations tickled. Almost Human is also a prime example of a sci-fi series that stands a decent chance to succeed on network television, because it's swimming with the current of a trending TV format, which allows the series to be accessible to both sci-fi fanatics and cop drama/procedural fans alike. Each episode is thrilling, engaging and just the right amount of funny. Let’s hope Almost Human continues to deliver when it returns with new episodes Monday, January 8 at 8:00 p.m. on Fox. (By Kelly West)

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