Today is 4/20, a bonafide holiday for anyone who likes to partake in all things marijuana-related, such as marijuana. Lots of it. And given that the pot-fueled celebrations started in the 1970s, there’s no better TV show to spend today with than one of the most high-minded sitcoms out there: That 70s Show.

Because The Circle will never die, we’re packing some of the biggest bowls imaginable and rounding up the 10 That 70s Show characters that we’d most want to spend 4/20 with. All of the main crew has been invited, although not the short-lived characters like the fluffy-headed Randy Pearson or the über-douche Casey Kelso, both of whom I’d just want to spill bong water all over.

10. Fez
As there are far more goofy stereotypes of “foreigners” than there are legitimate representations, Fez was always a little too out there for me. That said, I would presumably take advantage of his over-the-top style and, as we were getting blazed, pick and choose entries from a book of American idioms to see what he thinks they mean. Hilarity ensues.

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