For a show about cops, there’s a lot of betting on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. In between the hilarious competitions, tricks, and general shenanigans the characters are constantly engaging in, the officers can’t seem to stop gambling with one another and occasionally with outsiders. Wagers are so important to the award winning comedy that one introduced in the very first episode became a running-gag for thirteen before culminating in the Fox series’ best installment. I’m getting ahead of myself. Here are 8 Brooklyn Nine-Nine bets, ranked by greatness...

8. Peralta v Hoytsman: Betting for Favor
Bringing up the rear on the Brooklyn Nine-Nine greatest bets list is the series of small wagers that Jake makes with Chris Parnell’s Defense Attorney Geoffrey Hoytsman while trying to make friends with him in “The Defense Rests,” the fourteenth episode of the second season. After Eva Longoria’s Sophia puts her relationship with Jake on hold because it’s hurting her career, the latter tries to win her back by becoming gambling buddies with her boss. The plan actually goes quite well for a while as the unlikely pair bond while betting on on things like how tall Terry is in spring rolls (25) but it all falls apart when Jake catches Hoystman doing cocaine in the bathroom. Then, well, all bets were off. I wonder what wagers Brooklyn Nine-Nine has in store for us next season.

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