Spoilers, spoilers everywhere. They’re in your clothes and in your hair.

With a siss, a bang and a boom – not necessarily in that order – The Walking Dead returned to AMC for the remainder of the world-expanding Season 6. And what a return it was. From the over-the-top shocks to the cheer-worthy comic moments to just knowing that everyone is finally in the same damned place again, “No Way Out” felt like a true finale to the first chunk of the season, with the next seven episodes presumably dedicated to dealing with and moving on from everything that transpired. They’d better do it before the midday sun, or things are going to get smelly up in Alexandria.

Here are the 8 craziest and most WTF moments that the episode had to offer, with some of them ranking among the top Walking Dead scenes of all time. Not among the most realistic or level-headed scenes, mind you, but it’s fun to just let explosions happen sometimes.

the walking dead
Daryl and the Rocket Launcher
Daryl and the Rocket Launcher should be the first in a line of Walking Dead-themed children’s books, though none of them could contain anything so shockingly perfect as the tension-dripping cold open, which was introduced in the post-midseason finale prologue scene. This is easily one of my favorite scenes of the show, thanks to Christopher Berry’s unpredictable performance as Savior Dude #1, and I wish it could have run as one scene. Just when things looked either Abraham or Sasha was going to bite a bullet, everyone on a motorcycle suddenly exploded, thanks to Daryl and the rocket launcher. A scene that would have felt right at home in the comics, it was a nice microcosm of the drama that was to follow.

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