The Walking Dead: Glenn And Maggie's Reunion Won't Be As Happy As You Think

Before The Walking Dead introduces us to Negan and spreads the story across different areas as Season 6 drives forward, there are still quite a few things for the central survivors to accomplish. And one of the most anticipated moments involves Maggie and Glenn reuniting after spending most of the early season away from each other as Glenn was busy hiding under dumpsters while people thought he was dead. But according to star Lauren Cohan, this reconnection will not be all sunshine and rainbows.

The reunion is going to be somewhat overshadowed by a lot of other darkness. I think I can say that much. Because they have found each other and just in time to sort of help everybody else in this huge battle that’s continuing. They’re completely underwater right now. We’ve had both of them at the absolute cliff edge of danger and death.

Yeah, that makes a lot of sense, considering nothing is going in the right direction for any characters on The Walking Dead. When the show’s credits ran for the midseason finale, Alexandria was being overrun by walkers and Rick & Co. were attempting to vacate the premises using the old “smear zombie guts all over yourself” trick, while Maggie got herself stuck on the lookout platform as Glenn and Enid watch from outside the community. Things are going to get super hectic when the midseason premiere kicks off, and it’s hard to argue that a town overrun by bloodthirsty walkers is a great place for lovers to share a romantic moment.

Now, that doesn’t mean the reunion won’t have some positive vibes going for it. If Glenn manages to get Maggie down to safety as the first moment of their reconnection, that would be great; or if Maggie finds a way to get Glenn back into the town without bringing too much attention to themselves, that works, too. (And if Enid gets left outside to be eaten, we’re not complaining!) They’ll then presumably have to destroy some walker craniums, possibly while saving others from mortal doom, but we can’t wait to see how it goes once things start to calm down.

After all, Maggie is pregnant now and viewers have yet to see the couple talking about it with one another. I’d even be fine if Aaron was a part of that conversation, since he helped Maggie out during their time in the sewer. Are they going to name the kid Herschel? I need that to happen, even if it’s a girl.

While Cohan didn’t get to share any actual plot details about Maggie and Glenn’s reunion, she did tell EW that her character gets quite vocal when she sees Glenn again for the first time.

We shot that scene and I screamed ‘Glennnnnnnnnnn!’ so much I lost my voice. And then we didn’t quite get it so I did it all over again in ADR. That’s the biggest screaming I’ve had yet in the show.

I’d much rather hear Maggie yelling for Glenn than Sam whimpering for his mother Jessie, and here’s hoping the former goes as smoothly as the latter goes horribly. We’ll find out exactly what’ll happen when The Walking Dead returns to AMC on Sunday, February 14.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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