The Walking Dead Still Has Big Plans For Morgan And Carol

Spoilers for Season 6 of The Walking Dead are below for anyone not yet caught up.

We’ve all had a couple of weeks to get used to the events from the Season 6 midseason finale of The Walking Dead, and I don’t know about you guys, but I’m admittedly far less interested in Deanna’s death and Glenn’s immediate future than I am in the aftermath behind the episode’s most interesting scene: the fight between Morgan and Carol. And it looks like their stilted relationship is going to be a major through-line for the latter half of Season 6. According to Robert Kirkman:

The next half of Season 6, Morgan and Carol, their continuing antagonistic relationship and their posturing against each other and trying to figure each other out and not really liking each other, their conflict is a big part of the next half of the season. The confrontation that starts in that basement does continue through the season and will come to a head. We’ll see the relationship changing and evolving and growing in cool and interesting ways.

Kirkman says to Variety that the confrontation starts in the basement, but fans know that Morgan and Carol’s relationship was on rocky ground since the Wolves’ attack, when Morgan voiced his opinions that not all of the villains needed to die, which Carol did not agree with in the least. But they didn’t actually get into it at that point – which was seriously just like one day before the basement fight, but whatever – and things definitely came to a head when Carol confronted Morgan over keeping the unnamed Wolf sorta-hostage.

Morgan technically won the fight, as he got the upper hand on Carol a couple of times, perhaps helped along by her potential concussion or other head injury; as well, Carol didn’t kill the captive, which is another form of victory for Morgan. Unfortunately, the Wolf escaped with Denise after knocking Morgan out, and those two incidents could have easily been avoided if Carol could have just killed the guy. (Or “freed” him, if you want to use Wolf-ilosophy.) In any case, that was not a resolution that will cause Morgan and Carol to shake hands and agree over how everything went down.

We know damned well that Carol would have killed Morgan if it came down to it. And now that she’s aware of how this mini-battle went, she’ll probably have a much better game plan the next time, which may mean Morgan’s “life is precious” outlook will destroy him if he doesn’t do some revising. That may actually happen, as he’s a confused guy these days. I don’t think Carol will be changing anything about herself, though. It’s gonna get real.

The Walking Dead will return for the rest of Season 6 on Sunday, February 14. Whose corner are you guys in?

Nick Venable
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