A TV series is only as good as the people who make up the cast, as the best stories in the world can fall flat without the right performers bringing them to life. And while we usually remember and follow the bigger names from one show to another, the supporting actors are a large part of why some series work and others fail.

Here are 8 actors and actresses whose dependably excellent work throughout the years makes each show they’re a part of that much more enjoyable. Regardless of whether their roles are big or small, these are some of the hardworking thesps that add nothing but quality to every single project. Let us begin.

garret dillahunt
Garret Dillahunt
There is no genre or storyline that Garret Dillahunt can’t conquer, and his 20 years in the business have proven that time and again. Kicking things off in the soap world on One Life to Live, Dillahunt later found homes on Showtime’s drama Leap Years, HBO’s western classic Deadwood, and Fox’s sci-fi drama Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Recent years have seen him take a leading role on the oddball family comedy Raising Hope and a menacing villainous part on the final season of Justified, and we’ll soon see him as a violence-infused zealot on Amazon’s Hand of God opposite Ron Perlman. Add to that appearances in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Burn Notice, The 4400 and many more, and there’s no questioning Dillahunt’s dedication to his occupation.

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