It feels like an eternity since Sons of Anarchy aired its final episode. Or maybe it just feels like an eternity since the last time I said, "Goddammit, Jax," out loud. Whichever one, these are characters that I'll likely forever miss, and there will always be that fictional regret that I can never kick back and pound a few with anybody on the show. But that doesn't mean I can't harbor these delusions in list form, right?

With some swing in my step and a minute slur in my voice, I present the ten Sons of Anarchy characters that I'd like to get drunk with the most. You'll notice Juice nor Tara are on this list, as I'd have to already be shithoused in order to hang out with them in the first place; I don't need sob stories and fake pregnancies in my life right now. There are only light spoilers, since I'm pretending no one died, and anything you read will probably be forgotten anyway if you take a shot for each entry on the list. Who cares if it's only 10 a.m.? Teller-Morrow is open for business, and Damon Pope is buying!

10. Jax
Booze of Choice: Cheap Beer, Funneled

Jax is one of the least laid back characters on this show, so much so that his Serta sleep number is "Stockton cot." As such, I can't imagine he would be the easiest person to share some drinks with. I'd choose to go for broke and just start funneling beers with him, as time is of the essence, because there's a damned good chance he would have to leave right in the middle of it to go take care of something somewhere else. Not, like, his kids or anything. Never that. After a 12-pack or so, I'd talk him into letting me read his manifesto, and I'd doodle in the margins.

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