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Any of you still reeling about the loss of the High School Musical franchise finally have something to croon about. Disney has decided to move forward with a spinoff following the moody drama teacher Ms Darbus. Alyson Reed will reprise her role. The news had been in the works since late last year, but the network has finally expedited the process. Shooting will begin in March with a hope to launch the new franchise early next year.

According to Deadline, the program will be called Madison High, and there will be four original songs in the pilot alone. This should be a window into a long-term plan of focusing it more on music. In fact, Disney executives recently called Madison High “their first musical comedy” and “most ambitious series to date”.

It’s hard to imagine this taking off like High School Musical, but if it can even attract a fraction of the source audience, Disney should be dancing all the way to the bank. Go ahead and hibernate for about a year, and by that time, it should be ready to air.