ABC Picks Up Reality Diving Competition Series Celebrity Splash

The original Dutch Celebrity Splash
(Image credit: SBS6)

I’m a huge defender of reality TV series. However, every now and again a network will come up with a concept so ridiculous, that I find myself with few words to defend it. ABC has put together and picked up a reality diving series featuring celebrities, with the apt title Celebrity Splash. So, if you want to see actors and athletes, etc. going half-porpoise in the pool, you will get the chance to do so sometime soon.

ABC’s Celebrity Splash is a take on the Dutch series Sterren Springen. As part of the series, professional diving gurus will be on hand to teach the celebrities how to perform stunts on the diving board, including things like backflips. After learning a new trick, the celebrities will compete. The format sounds similar to other programming ABC has put out in the past—namely Dancing with the Stars--but should take contestants in a whole new direction. According to Deadline, Todd A. Nelson, Brant Pinvidic, and JD Roth are on ‘board’ to executive produce.

No matter how strange it sounds, Celebrity Splash could work. ABC’s veteran celebrity competition series, Dancing with the Stars, is totally beginning to show its age. Despite Season 15 being the show’s All-Stars season, ratings are down. I know I’m tired of hearing about the dancer’s weight ups and downs. Celebrity Splash could provide the same sort of audience niche, but with a whole new format. However, am I the only one who feels like personal safety would be more of an issue with this series? Maybe watching people wipe out on occasion is entertaining for some, but without Olympic prowess, a big part of me feels like this series will be painful to watch.

Jessica Rawden
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