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Scott Michael Foster, known to Greek fans for his role as the laid back frat-boy Cappie, appears to be sticking with the ABC family. And by that, I mean ABC in general and not specifically ABC Family. Word is, he’s signed a deal with ABC and he’s already set up for a recurring role in one of the networks new series.

According to Deadline, ABC has dibs on Foster, who signed a talent holding deal with the network. What’s more, he’s set up for a recurring role on the midseason horror drama The River, which follows an adventurous family as they set out to find a fellow family member/explorer in the Amazon. Foster is set to play a cameraman who may (probably does) have a secret. Considering the search-party has a camera crew with them during their venture, it’s easy to see how this role fits into the story, and given the casting choice, added to the “secret” mention, it sounds like Foster’s role will be relevant to the story. Whether or not the recurring role evolves into a regular one will probably be determined by whether or not his character survives the dangerous job assignment.

As mentioned, Foster is known for playing Cappie on ABC Family’s Greek. He was also in the short lived NBC drama Quarterlife. His most recent credit includes a number of appearances on ABC Family’s Melissa and Joey.

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