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AMC’s cancelled drama The Killing might just rise from the dead. There are rumors that both Netflix and DirecTV are eyeing the series for a potential pickup. Both have already resurrected other series from cancellation, so it’s entirely possible this one could be on the list as well.

AMC cancelled The Killing after two seasons just last month, but TVLine says that the series may have hope for a third season after all. The report is that there are talks going on that could see the show landing at a new home. Both have a history of saving dead shows. Netflix has picked up Arrested Development which is set to premiere new episodes next year. There’s no comment from that camp as to whether or not The Killing is in any kind of serious consideration. Netflix also looked at saving both Terra Nova and The River, although neither developed into a deal – it does seem they have an interest in finding the right drama.

The other possibility is DirecTV, which has already saved two series. Damages and Friday Night Lights both found new homes under the provider’s roof. They won’t offer any confirmation either as to their intentions on the series, but have said they are looking at a few possibilities for new programming.

So while Killing fans shouldn’t get their hopes too high just yet, it does seem that there may be a possible reprieve for the series. If these two are looking at it, there may be others in the wings as well.

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