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The countdown to AMC’s upcoming new murder mystery series The Killing has begun and starting tonight, in anticipation of the premiere, the cable channel will begin airing a series of documentary-style profiles of actual unsolved murder mysteries. Dan Abrams is set to host.

Beginning tonight (Monday, March 28th) and running nightly through Saturday, April 2nd, AMC will be airing 3-5 minute vignettes featuring a new unsolved mystery each night. Hosted by ABC legal analyst and author Dan Abrams, the vignettes will profile Jon Benet Ramsey, Natalee Holloway, Marilyn Sheppard, The Alphabet Murders, The Zodiac Killer and The Black Dahlia.

Throughout the profile vignettes, Abrams will delve deep into the story of six unsolved crimes, focusing on the unfolding investigation and murder evidence, as well as the families involved and each crime’s impact on the public psyche – themes that will be heavily explored in “The Killing.” Each vignette will also feature commentary from experts on the subject, including those who dealt specifically with each unsolved case.

Given the subject matter of The Killing, which follows the investigation and general aftermath of the murder of a teenage girl, it makes sense that AMC would look to some of the real-life murder mysteries that have captured people’s attention over the decades.

The Killing premiers Sunday, April 3 at 9pm ET/PT on AMC.