Adam Shapiro To Guest Star In Scandal

Scandal is returning to ABC’s schedule this week, but the show has been gearing up for its winter premiere for a while and an upcoming episode will explore Quinn’s (Katie Lowes) tumultuous past, yet again. Viewers will be introduced to Quinn’s former love, and Lowes’ real-life husband, Adam Shapiro, has signed on for the role. Let it be known there are some spoilers in the next couple of paragraphs, if you aren't fully caught up on the show.

Shapiro can currently be seen as a snarky reporter in NBC’s brand new comedy, 1600 Penn, but he’ll hop over to ABC’s drama for at least one episode. According to TV Line, Shapiro will play Jesse, Quinn’s former boyfriend, whom we’ve known has been dead ever since Quinn’s past life was unearthed. So, how ever will a man killed by a bomb return to life on a TV show?

Apparently, Scandal will stick with the ‘ol flashback narrative to give audiences a peek at Quinn’s life before she was, well, Quinn. Fans will get to see Quinn when she was Lindsey, a young woman living a romantic life with her beau. Fans will also get to see more from the frame job that we first learned about at the beginning of Season 2.

I always love it when real-life couples pop up onscreen together, and it’s even better when those couples get to implement real chemistry in an acting gig. My personal favorite cute couple joining the same show has lately been when Michael Emerson’s wife, Carrie Preston, pops up in episodes of Person of Interest with their love lost premise, but maybe Shapiro and Lowes will be able to give them a run for their money.

ABC’s Scandal returns to the schedule on Thursday, January 10 at 10 p.m. ET.

Jessica Rawden
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