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Adventure Time And Regular Show Among Cartoon Network's Comic Con Offerings

Hey, remember earlier when we mentioned that Adult Swim's Comic Con announcement hopefully meant Cartoon Network's own plans for SDCC would be revealed soon? Well, we were right! And to give you a clue as to what CN has in store for fans attending the San Diego-set convention next month, we advise you to "c'mon and grab your friend," as Adventure Time will be one of the panels featured, and those of us who especially love the Ice King - I maintain that he's really just lonely and misunderstood, despite being surrounded by adoring penguins - will likely appreciate the replica of the Ice King's castle, which will be set up at the Adventure Time-themed booth on the convention floor.

Last year, Adventure Time fans were sent on a Comic Con quest, which sent them around to various booths. This year, Cartoon Network says fans will again have the opportunity to collect exclusive Comic Con giveaways including five different Adventure Time buttons. It's opportunities like these that make it really tempting to abandon whatever insane schedule I have planned for SDCC and spend as much time on the floor collecting buttons and other loot. Alas, that's not an option for me, but it might be for you! I'll settle for enjoying Adventure Time on Netflix (opens in new tab) and hoping for the chance to check out the castle on the convention floor. Long live Ice King!

If you're a fan of The Regular Show and you're attending Comic Con, you might want to head across the street from the Convention Center to where the Cartoon Network has joined forces for a second year with the New Children's Museum of San Diego. They're offering a unique immersive experience, as they'll be transforming the museum into a Regular Show Regular Zone, which is described as a "sensory feast complete with nostalgic 80's arcade games, Regular Show inspired video games and groovy neon lighting.

Topping the museum with ginormous inflatables of series stars Mordecai and Rigby, Comic-Con goers won’t be able to miss the Regular Show Regular Zoneat The New Children’s Museum which is open and free of charge throughout San Diego Comic-Con 2013.

As for the panels, Cartoon Network's panels kick off Thursday with MAD and Annoying Orange. On Friday, Adventure Time and Regular Show will get back-to-back panels over at the HIlton Bayfront. Other shows to be featured in panels are Uncle Grandpa, Steven Universe, Clarence, Beware the Batman, Teen Titans Go! and Ben 10: Omniverse. Check out the full schedule below.

Thursday, July 18MADGet a glimpse behind the MADness with MAD television producers Kevin Shinick and Mark Marek.Annoying OrangeJoin the cast and crew of Annoying Orange for a slam-packed, manic musical mash-up, featuring: an exclusive look into the show's unique production process, an epic new episode premiere, a live musical number, a Toby Turner dance, and insight into the emerging creative bridge between Internet and traditional television entertainment. The Annoying Orange panel that includes Dane Boedigheimer (creator, Orange, Pear, Midget Apple, Marshmallow), Toby Turner (Nerville), iJustine (Passion Fruit), Tom Kenny (Coconut, Guava), Rob Paulsen (Broccoli Alien Overlord), Tom Sheppard (co-creator, director, Li'l Squishy, Old Man Banana), Gary Binkow (EP) and Conrad Montgomery (Cartoon Network Executive).Friday, July 19Cartoon Network presents a back-to-back Regular Show and Adventure Time Panel Extravaganza!!!Regular ShowCare to join the not so regular cast and crew for an eventful hour of OVER THE TOP regular? Yeeeeeeeeuh you do!! Cartoon Network brings the magic makers of its Emmy Award®-winning original comedy series Regular Show to San Diego Comic-Con 2013! Check out exclusive content and get the inside scoop on your favorite slackers, and some of their closest friends. The panel features: Regular Show creator, JG Quintel (voice of Mordecai), William Salyers (voice of Rigby), Sam Marin (voice of Benson, Pops, and Muscle Man), Sean Szeles (Supervising Director), Toby Jones (Storyboard Artist) and Calvin Wong (Storyboard Artist).Adventure TimeWhat’s ALGEBRAIC and SCHMOWZOW and RIGHTEOUS all over? It’s Adventure Time! Holy Stuff! Cartoon Network is bringing its hit original comedy series Adventure Time to San Diego Comic-Con 2013! As if chatting up the coolest kids in the cartoon kingdom wasn’t enough; get ready for your eyeballs to be fixed on some never-before-seen content, and your jaw to drop at a rad surprise…or two. So come on, grab your friends! Let’s get this party started! The panel features: Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward (Lumpy Space Princess), Jeremy Shada (Finn), John DiMaggio (Jake), Tom Kenny (Ice King), Olivia Olson (Marceline), Kent Osborne (Head of Story) and Adam Muto (Supervising Producer).Saturday, July 20Cartoon Network New Comedies: UNCLE GRANDPA, STEVEN UNIVERSE and CLARENCEBe the first to see an exclusive sneak peek of Cartoon Network Studio’s all new line up of chuckle-inducing comedies! The panel will feature Uncle Grandpa creator Pete Browngardt, creative director Audie Harrison, and Adam Devine (Workaholics) as the voice of Pizza Steve; Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar and creative director Ian Jones-Quartey; and Clarence creator Skyler Page. All your questions are sure to be answered and your anticipation is sure to be electrified!Sunday, July 21Beware the BatmanThe Dark Knight makes his return to television in this new action-packed CG animated series. Producers Glen Murakami and Mitch Watson will give fans a peek behind the cape.Teen Titans Go!Producer Aaron Horvath joins members of the voice cast, including Greg Cipes and Scott Menville, for this screening and Q&A. Go!Ben 10: OmniverseIt's Hero Time! Set your Omnitrix for "AWESOME" with the Ben 10 Omniverse Panel, highlighting the Cartoon Network hero of a million alien faces! Join voice talent Yuri Lowenthal (Ben 10),Bumper Robinson (Rook), Paul Eiding (Grandpa Max), and Eric Bauza (Dr. Psychobos), as well as the guys who help make it all happen, Matt Youngberg (Supervising Producer), and Derrick Wyatt (Art Director), as they talk about the show, premiere an unseen episode, and much more!

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