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What would 30 Rock be without Jack Donaghy? Fortunately, it doesn’t look like we’ll be finding out anytime soon. Fears that actor Alec Baldwin would be exiting the NBC series at the end of this season were quelled today at the TCA press tour. Assuming 30 Rock will be back for another season, so too will Alec Baldwin.

The Hollywood Reporter passed the news on today, stating that, despite hints to the contrary by the actor in interviews, Alec Baldwin has been signed on to return to 30 Rock for Season 7. The news came from NBC chairman Bob Greenblatt at the TCA press tour today, who said that NBC “quietly re-upped” the actor for next season. This is certainly good news for the series, considering how difficult it is to picture 30 Rock without Baldwin’s dry humor in the role of network executive Jack Donaghy.

So, while we can celebrate Baldwin’s return to the show, it’s best to keep in mind that 30 Rock has yet renewed for a seventh season. In the meantime, those of you who have been missing Liz Lemon, Jack, Kenneth, Tracy, Jenna and the rest of the 30 Rock crew will get to see them when the series resumes for Season 6 on January 12th.

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