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“God, Elton! Can’t you suck?!” If those words sound familiar, you’ve probably seen Clueless a few times more than most, and if that’s the case, you’re likely to love this news. Suburgatory may be playing host to a mini-Clueless reunion. Word is, Alicia Silverstone is going to guest star on the ABC comedy series.

Suburgatory stars Jeremy Sisto as a single father who moves his teenage daughter from the city to the suburbs, where he hopes to give her a better life. Of course, the suburbs are like another planet to both of them and much of the comedy involves their attempts to adjust to the culture shock.

According to TVLine’s sources, Silverstone is joining the series for a multi-episode arc, playing a potential love interest for Sisto’s character George. Anyone familiar with Clueless will likely smile at that as Sisto’s character Elton in the 1995 film had a thing for Silverstone’s character Cher. He made a move on her, believing they “made sense.” Of course, Cher was totally “as if” about the whole thing. Now we may finally get to see what a Cher/Elton romance might look like. Although, George is much more down to earth than the spoiled “Do you know who my father is?!” Elton was.

It’ll be interesting to see what kind of woman Silverstone is playing. TVLine’s vague description for the part she’s playing is, “Silverstone’s alter ego, Eden, arrives in Chatswin her unusual line of work causes a rift between George and his BFF Noah (Alan Tudyk).”

Maybe she’s a professional party planner. Anyone up for a game of suck-and-blow?

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