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If you’re a rock and ‘Smallville’ fan, then on October 12 you are in for a treat. VMA award winning “rock” band The All-American Rejects will perform their new single, “It Ends Tonight,” for Supes and crew. The band won their VMA for the video “Move Along.” OK, so if you’re a rock fan then maybe you should mute that part of the show and put on a Beatles record.

In the episode, Lex hires the Rejects to play a charity costume ball he throws to deal with the guilt of causing mass destruction as Zod. As a genius scheme to torture innocents it may not be on the level of say…reforming Earth into Krypton, but it’s a good first step. According to, ‘Smallville’ is currently helping to keep the newly formed CW afloat by outperforming the parent networks, WB and UPN.

Grab your hoop skirt and gold mask and enjoy The All-American Rejects Ball on October 12 at 8 p.m.

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