Another familiar face has been confirmed to show up for the finale of House, which airs on Fox on May 21st. This time it’s Amber Tamblyn, who was a big part of the series' seventh season who has agreed, apparently without hesitation, to come back to the show for its swan song next month.

When Fox announced officially that House would take its final bow at the end of the current eighth season, it didn’t come as much of a surprise to most people. Talk had been flying for months that this would be the last season for Fox’s popular medical drama. The loss of Lisa Edelstein in the role of Cuddy at the end of last season seemed to be a sign of things to come. In spite of adding some interesting new cast members this season, House was on the way out and the cancellation news came early to allow things to be wrapped up. The only question left became who would show up for the final episode to send Dr. House off in style.

It’s already been made clear that Lisa Edelstein isn’t coming back, but Olivia Wilde announced a month ago that she will reprise her role as Thirteen for the finale. At the time, we were told there would be more familiar faces returning. Yesterday one of those was confirmed: TVLine says Amber Tamblyn has confirmed her appearance to press at the event last night honoring House. The final episode will be titled Everybody Dies, and we’re all left to wonder who might actually die at the end.

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