After the abominations and abnormalities that made up American Horror Story: Freak Show, fans are getting ready for something a bit more posh and polished. Our new home away from home will be an extended stay at American Horror Story: Hotel, which has pretty much completed its major casting and is currently in production. And though we probably won’t be seeing Jessica Lange back in Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s universe (any time soon, at least), we’re going to keep an updated list of everyone and everything checking in to the Hotel later this year.

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When Will It Air?
FX will let audiences into the Hotel starting on Wednesday, October 7. As with the other seasons, this premiere date will give the show a few weeks of episodes before getting into Halloween mode. We can't wait to see what'll happen on the scariest night of the year.

What American Horror Story Actors Will Be Returning?
Sarah Paulson
Who She’ll Be Playing: Hypodermic Sally
Sarah Paulson is no stranger to the world of American Horror Story, having played pivotal roles in all four of the previous seasons. She’s played a psychic, an investigative reporter-turned-asylum inmate, a sometimes-blind witch and set of conjoined twins. And now she'll be playing “the baddest bad girl of them all,” according to Ryan Murphy. Her character Sally will be a permanent resident at the Hotel, and she's got a huge rivalry going with Kathy Bates' Iris, and the reason behind it will reportedly be explained early on. As well, she's a dark relationship forming with Wes Bentley's character. Perhaps most surprisingly, it's been rumored that she might not live through the season for the first time ever.

”matt Matt Bomer
Who He’ll Be Playing: Donovan
Having worked on Glee and The Normal Heart in the past, Matt Bomer joined the American Horror Story family last season for a small role as a doomed male prostitute that Michael Chiklis’ character was in love with. As Donovan, Bomer will have interesting connections with the women inside the hotel, particularly Lady Gaga's Elizabeth, who drops him romantically for Finn Wittrock's Tristan. He's also got something strange happening with his mother, Bates' Iris, which we can probably assume is darker than a normal family relationship.

”Kathy Kathy Bates
Who She’ll Be Playing: Iris
Back for her third run at American Horror Story, Kathy Bates went from playing the racist (sometimes decapitated) murderer Madame LaLaurie in Coven to a bearded drunkard in Freak Show. This time around, the Oscar-winning actress will be running the hotel as Iris, and she's got a major feud with Sarah Paulson's Sally going, as well as something weird happening with her son, Bomer's Donovan. She also does crossword puzzles in her spare time. Dangerous!

> ”wes Wes Bentley
Who He’ll Be Playing: John Lowe
It’s hard to hold the title of “Weirdest American Horror Story Character,” as it’s a list that knows no bounds, but The Hunger Games' Wes Bentley holds that position for his work as Freak Show’s Halloween boogeyman Edward Mordrake, a top hat-donning ghoul who listened to an evil face on the back of his head. Here, he'll be slightly more normal as Detective John Lowe, who is investigating a series of horrific murders, which leads him and his wife to the hotel.

”Chloë Chloë Sevigny
Who She’ll Be Playing: Alex Lowe
Indie drama queen Chloë Sevigny took on one of the more memorably disgusting characters in the American Horror Story universe, as she played Shelley, the mutated Asylum experiment of Nazi mad scientist Dr. Arden. The actress, who will hopefully get to keep both her legs on this time, is playing Alex, a mother and doctor, as well as the wife of Wes Bentley's John. The couple is dealing with a major loss and they'll be coping with that as all hell breaks loose inside the hotel.

”evan Evan Peters
Who He’ll Be Playing: Mr. March
Evan Peters has been a part of the American Horror Story family for all four previous seasons, with his characters often tied to the weirdest points of the show, such as the school shooter-turned-ghost, the alien-minded inmate, the Franken-lover and the claw-handed carnie. According to Murphy, Peters will "be waiting for you in Room 64." If that's anything like Room 237, we're in for a treat.

”evan Angela Bassett
Who She’ll Be Playing: Ramona Royale
Angela Bassett made a big outlandish-accent splash when she joined American Horror Story: Coven as the voodoo queen Marie Laveau, and then experienced some bodily changes when she joined the cast of Freak Show. When it comes to Hotel, she'll play the sexy Ramona Royale, who is a famous actress who goes over the top but never belittles herself to land a part, despite that often being asked of her. She isn't a hotel resident, but she travels there often, and a lot of it has to do with her romantic relationship with Lady Gaga's Elizabeth.

finn wittrock Finn Wittrock
Who He'll Be Playing: Tristan Duffy
Finn Wittrock and Ryan Murphy not only worked together on American Horror Story: Freak Show, in which the actor played the murderous momma's boy Dandy Mott, but also on the acclaimed HBO movie Normal Heart. This time out, he'll be playing a male model who becomes Elizabeth's new love interest. And his constant search for the next great high has a lot to do with her and may also involve hurting other people. Like maybe Matt Bomer's character.

denis o'hare Denis O'Hare
Who He'll Be Playing: Liz Taylor
Denis O'Hare always plays interesting weirdos in the American Horror Story universe, from a burn victim to a mute butler to a con artist with a strange penis. So of course he's turning it up to 11 for Hotel, and he shaved parts of his body to play Liz Taylor, a hotel bar entertainer who is obsessed with the classic actress and assumes that he is her. He works in the Blue Parrot Lounge.

lily rabe Lily Rabe
Who She'll Be Playing: Aileen Wuornos
Lily Rabe is another one of Ryan Murphy's regulars who has shown up each season, first as the mother of a monster and then as a devlish nun and then as a Stevie Nicks-loving witch. (She reprised her Sister Mary Eunice role in Freak Show for a flashback scene.) This season, she'll pop in for a major part of the Halloween episode as the infamous serial killer Aileen Wuornos, whose story was brought to the big screen in the acclaimed 2003 drama Monster. That's going to be amazing, I bet.

mare winningham Mare Winningham
Who She'll Be Playing: Unknown
Mare Winningham will make her third appearance on American Horror Story this season, having previously played the awful sister of Pepper in Freak Show and the incestuous mother of Evan Peters' Kyle in Coven. Her character doesn't have a whole lot of information, but we know she'll be playing a laundress this season, and that she'll be working closely with Peters' Mr. March.

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