American Horror Story: Coven Raises The Stakes With A New Teaser And An October Premiere Date

It looks like those witches are being burned at the stake in the latest teaser for American Horror Story: Coven, which deviates a bit from the house-related creepy antics we've seen in the previously released teasers for the returning series. And as an added bonus, you may have noticed that this "Stakes" teaser also happens to include the official premiere date for AHS: Coven, which is October 9.

An October 9 premiere date pushes Coven much closer to the series' original premiere date. AHS: Murder House, as it's known to be referred to now, debuted in early October, while American Horror Story: Asylum didn't get started until October 17. So on the bright side, we won't have to wait quite as long to see Coven make its grand debut. And an October premiere date puts the series right on time for the Halloween season, which is likely FX's intention.

As for the teaser, it may not be set in a house, but it does focus on witches, which falls in line with what we've seen and heard about this new season, which is that it'll involve a mashup of witches from Salem and voodoo witches. These two groups will be pitted against each other, and it'll be up to Jessica Lange and Angela Bassett's character to mend the fence after a centuries-long feud. Witches fighting witches sounds certainly sounds like dark territory, with potential for some excellent and twisted stories to play out.

Previous teasers for American Horror Story: Coven have teased a voodoo doll, a creepy hovering lady, and then there's the one with the women stuck to the walls. Or maybe they're climbing the walls because they're just so excited for American Horror Story to return.

In related FX news, earlier today we shared the news that the cable network greenlit Anarchy Afterward, a 3-episode post-show for their returning drama Sons of Anarchy, which will air online and feature a host and the series creator, along with special guests, discussing the series after specific episodes air. This news comes a couple weeks ahead of the return of Sons' sixth season premiere. With that in mind, there's been talk of an American Horror Story post-show, but no confirmation on whether or not it's happening. The Sons post-show is hopefully a good indication that FX is into the idea, and it may just be a matter of ironing out the details and availability for a similar format for AHS. Or that's just my optimism talking, but there's still plenty of time for updates on that front. We'll be sure to keep you posted if we hear anything about it. In the meantime, mark your calendar for October 9!

Kelly West
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