When it comes to American Idol, I usually adjust fairly quickly to the results, even if I don’t like them. I was on Team Haley, and if this were any other season, following her elimination, I would have grieved, grumbled and then moved on to pick my new favorite among the Final Two over the course of the days between the results and the next performance episode. I had a hard time doing that this week because I genuinely felt that it would be ok if either of them won.

It wasn’t bitterness that prompted my general indifference toward this season’s winners so much as it was a combination of borderline interest in country music and the opinion that while both Lauren and Scotty are extremely talented vocally, both seem like they need a little more time to find themselves as artists before I can feel genuinely excited about where their careers might take them.

So with that, I went into tonight’s Idol results show feeling mildly curious as opposed to genuinely excited, and this might have actually been a good thing as it made the long line-up of pre-results performances more enjoyable than they might have been if I were waiting on the edge of my seat for the answer. Among those performing were this seasons finalists, along with Jack Black, Beyonce, Lady Gaga (who was actually there on the stage this time) and TLC (RIP Left Eye!). Beyonce rocked some hip thrusts that might have sent (all) the (single) ladies flying off the stage had they gotten too close. Lady Gaga’s “I’m on the Edge” was excellent, as was Jack Black rocking out with Casey to Queen’s “Fat Bottomed Girls.” Haley showed off her vocal control by performing a duet with Tony Bennett. Jennifer Lopez took the stage to perform with her husband Marc Anthony and special guest Sheila E.

Both finalists emphasized their country roots with their own duets. Lauren teamed up with former Idol winner Carrie Underwood for “Before He Cheats.” Meanwhile Scotty joined Tim McGraw on stage to sing “Live Like You Were Dying.”
Among the funnier bits were some footage form the auditions, featuring the “best” of the worst, and later, the finalists jokingly complaining about America picking two kids to be the final two. There were also videos showing off some of the more amusing moments featuring new judges Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez. I can't argue that Steven and Jennifer were the best judges as far as offering constructive criticism goes, but the certainly are likable.

Filler aside, tonight’s episode was about results and while I may have been more or less indifferent as to who won, it's a big night for both Lauren and Scotty. Their lives have changed over the course of the season and regardless of who wins, both are going to be presented with some amazing opportunities. It will be interesting to see where this road takes them.

Both contestants put in the work and impressed the viewers. The votes are in and this season's American Idol Season 10 is: Scotty McCreery!

The show closed with a lot of hugs and Scotty performing "I love you this big," which I can't say I believe will be a huge hit. Regardless, I suspect the music industry is going to have an easy time finding a place for him.

Were you happy with tonight's results?

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