We're now past the one-week mark to the start of yet another season of American Idol. Fox hasn't been shy about reminding us that the show is returning, with various promos airing that tease the anticipated audition rounds. That includes this new teaser, which gives us an earful of some of the talent set to be featured this season.

Some tune in for the bad auditions. Personally, I'm always on the look-out for this season's rising stars during the audition rounds. They aren't always easy to spot (and some of the best auditioners aren't always featured), but that's part of the fun of those first few weeks of any season. And then, of course, there are the new judges. Given how frequently Idol has changed those up in recent seasons, getting to see the dynamic among the new judges has become part of the fun each year, and factoring in the rumors about two of this year's newcomers (Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey) not getting along, fans are probably even more eager to see how things look at the judges table.

But the promo below focuses mainly on the talent, with a few snippets of some good auditions featured.

Does that guy sound a little bit like Clay Aiken? Something about the tone of his voice sounds familiar.

The first half of the thirty-second spot focuses on singers belting out notes, and the second half has the judges dumping heaps of praise on them, with words like "inner glow" used for emphasis. I think Paula would approve. Remember Paula?

American Idol returns for Season 12 on Wednesday, January 16 on Fox.

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