"Critique is good, as long as it's consistent," Jimmy Iovine said during tonight's Idol. "What you can't do, is coddle people."

"This whole thing about not knowing Beatles songs puts me off a little bit," Iovine said, a few moments later.

Yes. Thank you. Somebody tell me why Jimmy Iovine isn't on the judges panel? His constructive criticism and commentary has proven to be the most valuable thing American Idol has beyond the vocal talent of the contestants in recent seasons. The performance episodes would be a lot more interesting with him at the judges table offering post-performance critiques, rather than the pre-packaged snippets we saw of him during last night's episode and tonight as he recapped the contestants' performances and pointed out their strengths and weaknesses. But I'm repeating myself. Maybe he's too busy producing music to contribute to the singing competition series more than he already is.

Tonight's results episode featured performances by Casey Abrams, Ne-Yo and Jessica Sanchez. We also got to see some behind-the-scenes footage of the show, revealing Amber's struggle navigating the stairs through the effects fog being pumped into the air. Frankly, I'm always impressed whenever any of the girls come down the stairs in their giant heels, even without the fog.

Ryan didn't reveal the exact order of the results tonight, reverting back to the older format of breaking the group into "safe" and "bottom 3." Perhaps last week's ordered listing was just a once-time thing, or maybe they'll only reveal the order during certain weeks. Here's how the results broke down tonight.

Lazaro Arbos
Kree Harrison
Candice Glover
Angie Miller
Janelle Arthur
Brunelle Taylor

Bottom 3:
Paul Jolley
Devin Velez
Amber Holcomb

The results seemed rushed this week, with Ryan revealing most of them toward the end of the episode and then quickly putting two of the three Bottom 3 contestants out of their misery and sending the third to sing for his life. It wasn't all guys in the Bottom 3 this week. Maybe all that fog inhalation threw off Amber's performance, or perhaps America just hasn't warmed to her yet, but she joined Paul and Devin in the Bottom 3. Alas, Amber was safe, as was Devin. Ryan revealed that Paul was the lowest vote-getter and he sang for his life with just minutes left in the episode.

With basically no time to deliberate, the judges said they weren't unanimous on their decision and they wouldn't be saving Paul tonight. There was just enough time for Paul's montage to play and that concludes another week of Idol!

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