Almost from the start, it seemed like this season of American Idol was destined to be a female-led season. The male contestants that managed to make the finals didn't hold a candle to some of the talent on the female side. One by one, the guys dropped out, with Lazaro Arbos managing to hold on as far as the Top 6 before being sent home, leaving five women to move forward. By that point, I would've called the competition for Angie Miller to win. Not only was her vocal talent holding up against her competitors, but she proved to have superior stage presence, whether it was at the piano or center stage.

Alas, Angie was eliminated, but not before Janelle Arthur and Amber Holcomb were sent home. That left Kree Harrison and Candice Glover, two very talented, very likable contestants. I'll admit, I was Team Kree for many weeks of this competition, until Angie eventually won me over. With Angie gone, I was actually pulling for Candice to win the season. As adorable and talented as Kree is, if we're looking at Idol as a singing competition before anything else, Candice comes out on top. She out-sang Kree last night, and over the last few weeks - at least - she's consistently performed better. With that said, the two are neck and neck in personality and likability, and going into tonight's finale, there was no predicting which way America will go.

After a two-hour finale packed with performances, car giveaways, lots of commercials and a salute to departing judge Randy Jackson, Ryan announced that Candice Glover is this season's winner! I can't argue with those results. As much as I liked Kree throughout the season, by her performances, Candice was the deserved winner. Though I'm sure both ladies will go on to find their place in the music industry.

Did America get it right?

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