American Odyssey Cancelled After One Season By NBC

NBC has been on a cancellation and renewal binge over the last few days. While it was good news for Aquarius, it was bad news for Hannibal. Now, the network seems to have dropped the axe on new series American Odyssey, as well. While NBC has not officially commented, the cast and crew have confirmed the show is done with.

News broke late Tuesday evening when American Odyssey co-creator Peter Horton took to Twitter to state the series had been cancelled and thank the audience for tuning in.

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The series premiered on NBC back in April, and aired for 13 episodes before ending its run just a few days ago. The concept of American Odyssey is also a little outside-the-box, following a US Army team looking into a US corporation in Mali who is funding Islamic terrorist groups. Early in the series, team member Odelle (Anna Friel) discovers computer files proving the problem, but before she can share them, her team is killed and Odelle is the only survivor. Unfortunately, that premise wasn't enough to bring in a ton of viewers, leading American Odyssey to cancellation. Also appearing in American Odyssey are Treat Williams, Peter Facinelli, Nate Mooney and Jim True-Frost. Williams also spoke out following the cancellation.

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NBC’s had a pretty heavy season in terms of shows that didn't make it. Early in the TV season, new comedies A to Z and Bad Judge were cancelled. Later, fan favorites Constantine and Hannibal were also cut by the network. Other newer, higher profile shows were cancelled, including Allegiance, State of Affairs and recently, Celebrity Apprentice, following insensitive comments Donald Trump made. You can check out the full list here.

The network will have plenty of rebuilding to do when new programming returns in the fall. We’ve already seen trailers for a lot of the new shows, including Heroes Reborn, but only time will tell if a few of them will end up finding firm footing or not. NBC has also yet to make a decision regarding A.D. The Bible Continues. We’ll let you know whether that one ends up moving forward for Season 2 or not.

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