Another Arrow Character Wants Their Own Suit

Once upon a time on Arrow, there was one hero in one leather suit, as archer extraordinaire Oliver Queen returned to Starling City to clean up the streets on a show named after his weapon of choice. In the years since, Arrow has accumulated more and more characters with suits and masks and tragic backstories to validate them. Season 3 saw Laurel and Thea don gear as masked marauders, and Season 4 has seen Diggle finally get the identity concealment that he deserves. Now, according to actress Emily Bett Rickards, it’s Felicity’s turn for a suit.

Yeah, that’s definitely in the mix. We gotta get suits. I don’t technically want a suit, because a suit means leather and squeaks. They do mean no stilettos, but they also mean a lot of night shoots. You know what, the squeaks aren’t that big of a burden. I’m just trying to talk myself out of wanting one if I don’t have one because I don’t want to be disappointed. But I will take a suit.

Felicity is one of the few characters actually left on Arrow that doesn’t have a suit or a mask. Considering that she was recently given a code name to protect her identity when chatting to the rest of Team Arrow in the field, perhaps she is in for a suit as Overwatch in the not-too-distant future. We certainly can't fault Rickards for her admission to DC All Access that she wouldn’t mind a break from the sky-high stilettos. Honestly, Felicity might already be superpowered just for her ability to run in those heels of hers without faceplanting onto the floor.

Felicity Smoak

Still, Oliver made the point in a recent episode that Felicity’s real superpower is her intelligence, and he’s definitely not wrong. Arrow has shown on more than one occasion that the good guys can function without any individual one of the fighting members of the team, but they are pretty much helpless without Felicity around to hack and deduce and direct. She’s a key member of Team Arrow; her contributions just happen to come from behind the scenes rather than from out on the streets in a leather suit. Emily Bett Rickards might be a bit disappointed if Felicity never gets a suit, but the character will still be as much of a hero as any of the other members of Team Arrow.

For a look at everything else that Emily Bett Rickards had to say about Felicity at this point in Season 4, check out her entire interview with DC All Access:

There’s no saying whether or not Felicity will ever get a suit of her own as Overwatch, but Emily Bett Rickards is currently nailing Felicity’s plot as she deals with adjusting to life in a wheelchair. To catch more of Rickards as Felicity Smoak, be sure to tune in to Arrow on Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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