Felicity's Real Fate Just Leaked From The Set Of Arrow

Warning: spoilers for Arrow are ahead! If you don’t want to learn what’s happened to Felicity, click on another one of our fine articles.

At the end of Arrow Season 4’s midseason finale “Dark Waters,” Oliver and Felicity were attacked by Damien Darhk’s soldiers after a campaign party. Although Oliver managed to drive away from the assailants, Felicity was shot, leaving her fate in question as the show went on its hiatus. Since then, promos have heavily implied that a horrible fate might be in store for her when Arrow returns, and it looks like she’s barely alive. Well, Felicity fans need not worry, as Team Arrow’s resident computer whiz won’t be biting the dust from this incident, though she’ll be dealing with a new problem because of it.

It’s now been confirmed that Felicity won’t escape entirely unscathed, as leaked set photos from Candagraphs show actress Emily Bett Rickards in a wheelchair while filming an upcoming episode of Arrow. Confirming our theory from last month, this means that Felicity won’t be dying as has been teased, but she won’t be able to walk around. This adds yet another similarity between her and Barbara Gordon as the paralyzed Oracle, one of the DC universe’s most notorious computer experts. Perhaps Felicity will be officially forming the Birds of Prey next? Okay, I might be getting ahead of myself with that.

Keep in mind that Felicity in the wheelchair may only be temporary. It’s possible that she simply needs to stay off her legs for a while as she heals, and once that process is done, then she’ll be back to running around the Arrow hideout like she usually does. However, the mental trauma from the attack will likely extend past just a few episodes. Felicity’s been in bad situations before as a member of Team Arrow, but she’s never been this badly wounded.

As for those unsubtle hints that it might be Felicity’s name on the grave stone Oliver is standing in front of during the flash forward, those have officially been struck down, but we already knew that would be the case. Remember, that peek into the future from the Season 4 premiere took place six months later, and since Oliver and Felicity’s return to Star City was in October, that means this mysterious death won’t occur until sometime in April, i.e. closer to the season finale. So while Felicity could still be one of the candidates, Damien Darhk’s attack won’t be the thing that takes her off the board. So we’ll just have to keep watching to find out who the unlucky candidate is.

Arrow Season 4 will resume on Wednesday, January 20 at 8 p.m. EST on The CW. In the meantime, check out our midseason premiere schedule to find out when your other favorite shows are returning.

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