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If you’ve been keeping tabs on Game of Thrones’ upcoming sixth season, you may already know that the HBO drama is looking to bring back some dead characters in the new episodes, in a variety of ways. Now, it seems yet another dead character may come back to the drama. This week, Sibel Kekilli, who played Shae for several seasons on Game of Thrones, was spotted on the set of the hit fantasy program. Here’s the evidence.

Game of Thrones fan site Direwolves and Dragons caught the actress on the set of the HBO show this week. Although the actress wasn’t in costume when they took snapshots of her, the site did note she met with executive producer David Benioff and actor Conleth Hill yesterday. In addition, reports indicate she is being put up at the same hotel as the other actors, which presumably would not be the case if she was not returning for Season 6. Of course, Kekilli could just be visiting and hoping to catch up old friends when they have some downtime. However, another Twitter user seems to have caught the actress in costume today, leading credence to the argument that Shae will be back.

Obviously, a random twitter users photos aren’t as solid as HBO actually admitting another seemingly dead character was coming back, but we’ll take them.

Now, the question remains. Will Shae be returning in a flashback sequence, similar to how Ned Stark is expected to return during Season 6? Or, in Shae’s case, did Tyrion not actually kill his former lover as it absolutely looked at the end of Season 4?


Will she be returning like the Hound is expected to be returning (as in, from a presumed death)? These are all questions we need answers to. Unfortunately, we probably won’t be getting them until Game of Thrones officially returns to the schedule next spring. I'll take a trailer as soon as we can get one, though.

Whether or not Shae is back, there is plenty of information that has been confirmed regarding Game of Thrones Season 6. To find out what is coming, check out what we know so far.