Archer Heads Back To ISIS For Season Six, Brings Along Fargo's Allison Tolman

Don’t you love when TV gets things right, such as allowing more and more Archer to keep existing in our lives? The booze-reeking FX series traveled to this year’s Comic-Con with a few updates about where Season 6 is going to take this quick-witted ragtag group of spies. It’s a pretty familiar place, and some familiar faces will be joining the cast for guest roles.

As Deadline reports, Sterling Archer (the Emmy-nominated H. Jon Benjamin) and his less talented co-workers will be heading back to their old dependable headquarters ISIS next year. A digitized version of ISIS, anyway. You may recall the building took a small downturn when it was demolished and taken over just as Archer Vice was kicking off. It’s being rebuilt, and it’ll have a brand new visitor hanging out in the lush offices.

Yes, Lana (Aisha Tyler) will have her and Archer’s baby Abijean at her side. And then there's Archer, who spends the opening episode bonding with a Japanese despot “amid bombs and blasts on a stranded island.” I wonder if that has anything to do with the arms and coke dealer Slater, played by Christian Slater. The actor will reprise his role in at least one episode, and Slater presumably won’t fall for any more of Archer’s shit this go-around. “Classic Rando!’


As well, the show will see Fargo breakout star Allison Tolman joining the cast in a guest-starring role next season as Pam’s sister. That should be super interesting, as Pam, voiced by Amber Nash, is definitely my favorite Archer character. She’s one of the most purely and unapologetically gluttonous people on TV. Her coke addiction during Archer Vice is still one of the TV highlights of 2014. Talking about the shift back to Archer’s traditional storyline, creator Adam Reed said the cause was a simple one: they ran out of cocaine.

”We treated Season 5 as a vacation. We’re happy to be home, and we’re excited to get back to what we normally do after a fun summer of cocaine."

During the Q&A, Reed also entertained questions about possible Archer crossover episodes. The Season 4 premiere memorably featured Benjamin playing Archer as Bob Belcher, the actor's character in Fox’s Bob’s Burgers. The animation during that opening was so amazing. Reed shot down a Walking Dead meet-up, but didn’t immediately balk at reaching out to other FX series like The Strain and The Americans. I dare not think of how cool either of those scenarios would be.


Will Archer try to become a good father? Or even a bad father? Find out when Archer returns to FX in 2015.

Nick Venable
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